Purpose and some targets

Juan Personal

The reason I’m blogging is to help startups and SMEs access a consulting service that would otherwise be available only to my corporate clients.

In other words, the project aims to help business owners, aspiring entrepreneurs and independent consultants to:

  • Stay on top of everything that’s possible in the world of digital, marketing and growth
  • Have an independent sounding board for second opinions when it comes to anything digital, including ads, tech setups, tools, agency performance, strategy, etc…
  • Learn how to execute their own marketing initiatives, and receive 1-1 support from me in the process

Why am I doing this?

It’s very rewarding to help entrepreneurs and founders validate their ideas, so I want to do just that. I want to help others get closer to their goals, and empower them to go for it. Their success is my success.

This project is my way of trying to figure out how to offer solid, personalised consultancy and guidance at scale.

For now, it’s also just a blog.

We’ll see how we go. If you want me to write more often let me know!

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