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I’ve worked agency and client side. I’ve ran my own business. I’ve consulted for businesses of every size (from startups to ING Direct). If you want to learn more about my professional journey, please visit my LinkedIn profile.


I can strategise and execute across these:

Growth Marketing

  • Product/Market fit experimentation
  • Generating traction through channel experiments
  • Events based tracking and behavioural analytics
  • Customer retention and engagement
  • Referral and affiliate marketing
  • Evolving products
  • Promoting the growth mindset

Digital Marketing

  • Ads management (Facebook, AdWords, etc…)
  • A/B testing and conversion rate optimisation
  • Front end development
  • Website management
  • Data analytics, tracking and reporting


  • Leadership and entrepreneurship
  • Public speaking and presenting
  • Negotiation and influencing


I’ve worked with many businesses, here are some recent examples. References available.


ING Direct

I’ve worked for ING Direct as a Growth Hacker on a contract basis, and as an Experiment Designer for ING’s innovation team on a consultancy basis. We’ve worked on things like market/fit experimentation, solution/fit validation and developing new ways to generate market research to build banking and financial services. I’ve also trained ING Direct staff in Growth Marketing.



Cadence Capital Logo

In charge of managing digital channels and digital properties for Cadence. This included everything to do with the website, online presence, digital comms strategy, ASX announcements as well as things like improving internal systems and finding new ways to grow the brand’s presence. I worked on growing their subscriber base, finding media partnerships, re-building their website, etc… largely an awareness, acquisition and comms role, also in charge of the company’s marketing tech stack.



Loftus Peak LogoI advised Loftus Peak on its online strategy, customer acquisition, comms, managed its online properties and worked with the business to generate media interest. I was involved in the business almost since inception, and I advised on how to build the brand and acquire an audience. I managed all of Loftus Peak’s digital channels, and enabled working partnerships with online publishers.



Hey You

I started working with Hey You when it was an app called Posse. I was in charge of growth and engagement, and was largely responsible for customer acquisition initiatives. I doubled the user base, implemented marketing automation and behaviour tracking and promoted a culture of growth. I was in charge of informing product decisions that would impact activation and retention.

Posse merged with Beat The Q, and then we became Hey You.



I’m currently building this site, but visit my LinkedIn for more examples of companies I’ve worked with.

Thanks for checking out my site, I look forward to hearing from you. You can open a live chat with me by clicking on the chat icon on the bottom right.